About us

The Energy Education Trust of New Zealand (EETNZ) is registered as a charitable trust for the advancement of tertiary education and research in New Zealand in disciplines relevant to New Zealand’s present and emerging energy needs.

On registration, the EETNZ had assets of close to $12 million. Those assets have increased by over 25% despite large donation and grant expenditure over the years. The EETNZ funds are invested in New Zealand and overseas equities, New Zealand and overseas fixed interest and in cash. The Trustees have professional investment advisors and managers to assist with the management of those assets. Income from investments is used to achieve the objectives of the Trust.

What we do

  • The EETNZ is one of the top donors to the University of Auckland Business School.
  • The EETNZ provided the funds to establish a Centre of Excellence in Energy in 2004 and has continued to provide financial support. The Centre undertakes research and issues publications on various energy related topics important to New Zealand’s present and future energy needs. The Centre sponsors a series in “Energy Matters” with distinguished international and local speakers. The Centre also sponsors a Summer School on energy, with presentations by academics and executives from New Zealand Energy Companies.
  • The EETNZ from time to time provides funding or co-funding to New Zealand universities and scientific research organisations for research, or relevant education projects, in all aspects of energy.Sectors/projects granted research awards have included, geothermal, solar and wind power, hydro and advanced forms of electricity generation, dairy industry processing, biofuel and hydrogen fuel production, sedimentary mapping and energy storage systems.
  • The EETNZ offers 10 undergraduate scholarships of $5000 each to 3rd and honours year students and 5 masters scholarships of $8,000 each at all participating New Zealand universities. The purpose of the scholarships is to encourage university study with an emphasis on energy in the followings fields:
  1. Economics and related fields;
  2. Engineering and related fields;
  3. Science and related fields;
  4. Energy management and related fields.

Details on the scholarships and the application process are normally published in the annual Calendars of the participating New Zealand universities. The information can also be obtained from the links, on this page, with the Scholarships Offices of each of the participating universities. Enquiries for information other than that obtainable from the links with the relevant universities can be addressed to the EETNZ’s administrator brian@blmnz.co.nz


We are a member of an independent disputes resolution scheme, Financial Services Complaints Limited. This is a free service approved by the Minister of Consumer Affairs.